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We have been delivering sustainable higher welfare beef supply chain solutions for years, openly addressing past, present and future industry challenges to promote sustainability within farming.

Our Commitment

Our commitment in this area began with the future proofing of the dairy beef industry through the utilisation of the dairy bull and beef cross calves that do not have a role in the dairy industry. We have worked hard to change outdated opinions on the suitability of these beef animals and have since seen a dramatic reduction in the culling of dairy bull calves in the UK.

More recently, sustainability of British beef has become a key growing concern of the UK consumer; our ability to demonstrate genuine steps to improve this across the cattle industry has won us numerous, highly respected awards such as the Compassion in World Farming Good Calf Award and Dairy Ambassador of the Year.

Our Research & Education

With decades of successfully bringing a sustainable and profitable income to family farms behind us, our integrated business model has become a blueprint of best practise, delivering solutions to enhance the lives of farming families, communities and their livestock.

As such, our focus continues to be on the education surrounding animal welfare and the sustainability of the beef sector. As welfare standards increase, so does the calf quality and health, thus increasing the consistency of the end product and the sustainability of the supply chain.

Our investment into our own Somerset based, Development Farm, Long Lane facilitates the continued advancement in modern farming through applied research and development. In addition, our extensive knowledge base and resources enable us to offer education to not only farmers and veterinary associates, but also to the future generations in school. For more information on our Research and Innovation, please click here.