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Our Development Farm

The 2019 acquisition and continued investment and development of the newly named Long Lane Development Farm offers a state-of-the-art facility with vast opportunity for substantial education, on-farm trials and research and development.

Research & Development

A Buitelaar owned rearing facility with a dedicated team of rearing staff and a controlled and transparent environment enables continuous and controlled research and development in the name of advancement of farming.

With state-of-the-art facilities and company driven best practice and systems in place, Buitelaar has a numerous research projects in the pipeline. Our close partnership with Synergy Vets and industry partners gives us access to the wide range of expertise, knowledge and analysis necessary to implement this research.

The numerous different types of quality housing on one farm enables a platform for trials observing the close comparison and effects of rearing calves within differing housing environments under the control of an experienced, singularly coordinated team of rearing staff. Long Lane Development Farm offers controlled variables including, but not limited to diet, bedding provisions and space allowance.

We are always interested to hear of potential R&D opportunities or projects requiring the facilities and skills available at Long Lane Development Farm. For more information, please get in touch.

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Education has been at the forefront of the farm's philosophy from day one and Long Lane Development Farm offers ample opportunity to provide farmers with an example of best practise and showcase the excellent animal welfare standards that have seen us win the 2019 Compassion in World Farming Good Calf Award. The rearing facility also allows the business to truly understand the challenges and issues faced by the network of contract rearers across the business and explore how they can overcome these whilst achieving sustainable and consistent margins.

With an open-door policy for true transparency, we invite our supply chain farmers to visit Long Lane for educational tours and knowledge exchange workshops with our dedicated rearing team. It is important to us that the facility is all inclusive and therefore showcases options for farmers in a variety of financial situations. As such there are numerous calf housing styles including existing buildings which have been affordably adapted and modernised, modern, purpose-built housing designed by an award-winning calf housing specialist and the High Health Units (our own design of calf housing).

We are invested in the education of not only our farmers, but also that of future generations. An education which is responsible for the future consumer voice and the future of sustainable food production, we're working with schools to bring agriculture to the classroom in a farm to fork style education.

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Environmental Sustainability

At a time where the effect of farming on the environment has come under considerable scrutiny in the public eye, we have and will continue to make every effort to contribute to the offsetting of emissions and showcase best practice to industry. As such, we are working our way towards a 'zero-carbon' farm; continually considering and addressing environmental concerns with sustainable solutions where possible. Following purchase, Long Lane saw the installation of both solar panels and rainwater harvesting.



If you would prefer us to contact you about the opportunities associated with Long Lane Development Farm, please leave your details and a brief description of the nature of enquiry and we'll get back to you soon.

Our Awards

We are proud of the recognition we have received for our commitment to the highest possible welfare standards in our supply chain which aids our goal of delivering a top-quality finished product to our customers.