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Our Supply Chain

Our Supply Chain

As the UK's largest integrated supply chain, we are proud to champion sustainable British farming through the creation and development of our blueprint of best practise.

Collection Centres

Our sustainable integrated supply chain is built on the concept of utilising dairy bull and beef cross calves which do not have a purpose on the dairy farm. Incorporating four higher welfare Collection Centres strategically located in dairy farming areas, we collect between 800 – 1500 quality calves each week. These both stock our own supply chain and are offered for sale to a wide range of independent rearers and beef producer operations nationwide. For external calf sales, please click here.

Our Calf Collections and data driven approach to our supply chain ensure we are able to track any calf back to the dairy farm of origin, enabling extensive monitoring of health patterns and full traceability throughout the supply chain.

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The Three Routes Of Rearing

Calves are sorted by weight and age into quality, even batches before delivery to one of our specialist rearing units. As the most critical stage in our supply chain, correct and dedicated calf rearing guarantees our calves have the best possible start in life, ensuring optimum health and performance throughout the animals' lifecycle. Here, they will spend an average of 10-12 weeks, following an agreed feeding and management plan, under the experienced eye of our professional rearers. At 14 – 17 weeks of age, these calves are moved onto the finishing stage of our supply chain and delivered to our Finishers.

Our Rearer Finisher's operate with underwritten price contracts, taking calves from 2-6 weeks of age right through our supply chain.

Our third route of rearing is through the Buitelaar owned Long Lane Development Farm; a rearing unit showcasing industry excellence and an impressive example of best practise, designed with research and development and education in mind. Based in Somerset, the farms capacity for 750 calves which are reared to the same agreed protocol as in our professional rearing units. To find out more about this Development Farm and the opportunities associated with it, please click here.

All of our calf rearing units, including Long Lane Development Farm, are visited and audited regularly whilst calves are on farm. We use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to score units on key welfare issues, such as the provision of calf health, fresh straw, feed, water and ventilation.

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The Finishing Stage

Once weighed, graded and health checked at the farm of rear, by our experienced inhouse Tech Team, fit and healthy calves, meeting our weight-for-age specification are delivered to Finishing farms. Our finisher farmers take reared calves through the remainder of the animal life cycle until they meet our processing specification.


All of our livestock is processed at the BRC audited Woodhead Brothers in Lincolnshire. With numerous routes to market, our meat can be found in retail, foodservice and multiple restaurant and pub chain sectors. All products are endorsed by the Quality Standard Mark of the Agriculture Horticulture Development Board from Red Tractor Approved Farms.

Buitelaar Tech Team

We work hand-in-hand with farmers at every point in the supply chain; from assisting dairy farmers in their early stage calf rearing and improving calf management, to extensive on-farm support throughout both the rearing and the finishing stage. The support available, helps the production of a healthier and increasingly efficient animal, which in turn delivers a more carbon-friendly and profitable model for the dairy-beef producer. Why not take a look at what else the Buitelaar Tech Team can do for you.

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Our Awards

We are proud of the recognition we have received for our commitment to the highest possible welfare standards in our supply chain which aids our goal of delivering a top-quality finished product to our customers.