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Supply Chain

Originally built upon the utilisation of the dairy bull and beef cross calves, the Buitelaar supply chain has always been solutions orientated, and decades later, our strong commitment to future proofing and developing the industry remains a core pillar to the chain.

Renowned for connecting farmer and consumer, the integrated supply chain has seen huge evolvement and expansion in conjunction with the strong customer relationships we hold. As such, our livestock opportunities now extend to different farming systems and a variety of breeds through offering underwritten calf-supply, rearing and finishing contracts.

Further growth has included our own Development Farm, enabling us to both truly understand the challenges faced throughout the supply chain and offer a controlled platform for R&D, designed to help move the industry forward.

With extensive on-farm support and the benefit of secure financial stability, we pride ourselves on working with farmers to build profitable systems and sustainable returns, ensuring a strong future for the coming generations.

Our Awards

We are proud of the recognition we have received for our commitment to the highest possible welfare standards in our supply chain which aids our goal of delivering a top-quality finished product to our customers.