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The Calf Club: Rearing Calves for Sale


Each week, our Calf Club offers private buyers a wide selection of quality calves for sale, to stock and enhance their own beef businesses. Leaning on the Buitelaar supply chain, our calves are sourced from Buitelaar approved and monitored dairy farms, assessed on their standards of early-stage calf rearing, health recording and calf housing.

If you are in the market for rearing calves, our Collection Centres operate every Monday and will likely fulfil your requirements. Many of our customers visit our collection centres to see our higher welfare standards, consistent calf quality and collection systems for themselves. Meeting our experienced and laugh-a-minute team is considered a perk to the trip!

Variety of calf breeds for sale

  • Black & White bull calves
  • British Blues
  • Continental x
  • Aberdeen Angus (named sires)
  • Hereford (named sires)

Calves are selected in even batches to meet customer requirements and simplify calf management throughout the rearing process. For any assistance or advice on your requirements, please call us.

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Our Data Driven Approach

Associated with the UK’s largest integrated beef supply chain, naturally, we rely heavily on the extensive lifecycle data collected from colostrum of the fresh rearing calf right through to kill weights, lung scores and meat quality grades returned after processing. This enables us to track patterns and trends associated with individual dairy farms and work selectively with farmers whom supply superior youngstock.

Dedicated Calf Collection Centres

Our four Farm Assured Calf Collection Centres operate in strategically placed locations down the West of the UK. Every Monday, we collect between 800-1,500 calves of a wide variety of breeds to suit a range of independent rearers and beef producer operations nationwide.

The calves for sale are bedded on deep straw in clean, spacious pens with ventilation and access to fresh drinking water. All of our Centres run under 24-hour surveillance which offers complete transparency to Buitelaar’s industry retailers and partners.

Benefits of buying Buitelaar calves:

  • Place orders for exact calf batch quantities (fill sheds in one day)
  • Full health history known of each dairy farm
  • Full knowledge of dairy cows (no cross breeding)
  • Order even batches for consistent rearing
  • Select your calves by breed, sex, weight and age
  • Know your calves are screened for the highest quality
  • Collect your calves or we can deliver to you
  • We can source TB4 calves

Interested in buying from The Calf Club?

AA Wrexham Aug 20


"Friendly, professional and great from start to finish. Calves arrived fed, well and are a strong bunch of Angus bulls."
David Rogers


If you'd prefer us to call you about our calf sales at a time that suits you, please fill in your details and we'll get back to you soon.