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Hides and Skin Processing

Cattle Hides

With one of the most robust and comprehensive legal frameworks protecting animals on farm, the UK has an extremely mature and well-developed industry body that recognises the importance of animal welfare and a significant number of credible quality assurance and welfare schemes.

There are approximately 9.6 million cattle in the UK with complete traceability throughout the supply chain and a new found emphasis on farming sustainability and environmental impacts.

Buitelaar prides itself on offering the highest quality hides and skins sourced directly from Morrison's – Woodhead Brothers and other leading UK and Irish abattoirs. We offer 100% machine-pulled Ox / Heifer, Rosé Veal and Cow hides, which are all weight graded and quality checked to ensure the best quality product is produced. Hides can be supplied either wet-salted or freshly iced and packed for shipment to meet each customer's individual requirements.

Running our integrated supply chain means we can offer the tanner the unique opportunity of full traceability; the ability to trace each animal back to the farm of origin.

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Lamb Skins & Sheep

Sheep farming has played an important role in the UK since historical records began. From pre-industrial times when sheep were an essential part of a pastoral society, producing meat, milk and wool and skins, to a more industrial era when much of the wealth was based on wool and textiles.
The UK breeding flock stands at approximately 15 million with around 90 different breeds and crosses used, all contributing to the diverse nature of the industry. Breeders interests have evolved organically, deriving from a wide range of UK topography and a varying climate and changing market demands for food production, wool, milk and conservation.

Buitelaar operate a unique relationship with the main sheep processing plants in UK and Ireland. All of our products are processed at source for guaranteed freshness and are made ready for worldwide shipment.

Buitelaar skins are graded on wool length, quality, and overall skin size. They are all salted and processed at source ready for worldwide shipment. The skins available reflect the seasons: double-faced lambskins with fine wool from unshorn young lambs are available in the spring and as the season progresses, skins are larger and have greater wool length.

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Our Awards

We are proud of the recognition we have received for our commitment to the highest possible welfare standards in our supply chain which aids our goal of delivering a top-quality finished product to our customers.