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Heritage Hallmark 32 Day Dry Aged Cote De Boeuf Awarded Great Taste Award

Behind the scenes at Buitelaar we are continuously working hard focusing on sustainable, high-quality beef supply chain solutions. Our value of quality passes through all stages of our trusted supply chain, and what a way to present this by joining us in our celebration of gaining an award at this year’s Great Taste Awards.

The Great Taste awards is acknowledged as the benchmark when looking at the quality of food and drink. You could say it is the ‘Oscars’ of the food world. With a total of 14,113 highly competitive entries, we’re delighted that, our Hallmark 32-day Dry Aged Cote de Boeuf was awarded this prestigious award; it really does define the hard work behind and the focus on the quality of our produce.

What does the award mean? Quite frankly it means that our steak was judged to be outstanding and can be said to be ‘above and beyond delicious’.

When judging all the delicious products, the judges look for truly great taste; they consider texture, appearance, and the overall quality of the product.

When tasting our beautiful cut of meat some of the comments we received were:

‘This is a very impressive looking piece of beef steak which looks really juicy and cuts well. The aromas coming off this piece of beef are rich. The mouthfeel is tender with lovely soft fat. The flavour of the meat is incredibly sweet, and umami noted considering there is no seasoning used’.

‘Delicious beef with a robust flavour. A pleasing chew, with a long, rounded finish.’

‘This steak has the charm of roast beef. It is moist and melts in the mouth. The flavour is delicious and has just the right level of dry aged savoury notes. Both the meat and the fat are tasty and moreish.’

One judge even described this steak as ‘outrageously juicy. Buttery and smooth. Full of tasty, rich meaty flavours, and with a good level of fat. A delicious piece of meat.’

UK Meat Sales Manager, Oliver King said:

“I was absolutely delighted to receive the Great Taste Award recognition for our Dry Age Heritage Hallmark beef, the Great Taste Awards are the largest and most trusted so to gain ‘outstanding’ as an external endorsement is superb.”

As a business we continue to thrive in our growth in all departments of the company with a great team behind each step – we look forward to entering more of our excellent products for the awards next year!

For more information on our Heritage Hallmark, click here.