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Earlier this year, the Buitelaar team welcomed the Irish Department of Agriculture to their Development Farm in Somerset for a farm tour and knowledge exchange. Visitors included the Director of Animal Welfare, DCVO (Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer), Principle Officer for Meat & Milk Policy and One Health, One Welfare’s Director.

Having seen considerable investment since acquisition and continuous research trials across all areas of calf management and feeds for both the Buitelaar supply chain and externals, Long Lane Development Farm’s state-of-the-art facilities and R&D arm has attracted interest from across Europe, including pharmaceutical companies, governing bodies, foreign livestock businesses and farmers.

Reflecting the farm’s mission, which is: (Working from evidence-based facts, we strive to create the perfect environment and higher welfare systems through nutrition and best practice, driving antibiotic reductions and improved & healthy growth) Buitelaar are committed to knowledge exchange; holding an Open Door policy and welcoming guests from all areas of the livestock and meat industries.

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During the trip, the group heard from Buitelaar’s CEO, Adam Buitelaar on Buitelaar’s calf rearing journey and future regenerative plans, Synergy Farm Health’s Director Alastair Hayton on specific management practices used throughout the Buitelaar rearing farms and Long Lane Trials Committee Chair, Alan King, on trial findings.

Following topical discussion on industry challenges, the group toured the Development Farm, seeing calves throughout rearing, from calves fresh from the collection centre (i.e. dairy farm), to weaned calves at 140kg, ready to move on to the Buitelaar finisher.

Through constant knowledge sharing, innovation, collaboration and the search for unbiased, evidence based facts, Buitelaar’s forward-thinking mindset and openness continues to help drive the industry forwards.

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