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We're Back With Another Successful Open Day at our Development Farm!

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With restrictions easing up in England, we were finally able to enjoy a much more relaxed couple of open days, inviting more guests for a tour around our Development Farm in Somerset, on 1st and 2nd September.

Research and knowledge transfer has always been at the forefront of our philosophy, which is one of the main reasons as to why we invested in the Development Farm in 2019. Since acquisition, the farm has been adapted and designed with substantial education, on farm trials and extensive research and development in mind. Our open days are therefore a fantastic opportunity for us to share our experience, knowledge and learn from others too.

Adam Buitelaar, CEO said:

“We were pleased to host yet another successful day at our Development Farm. It was great to meet people face to face once again, not only to showcase what we do and why, but to share our knowledge and continue to learn from one another too.”

What was involved on the day?

Kicking off with registration accompanied by hot and cold refreshments, guests were able to enjoy an in-depth tour around our Development Farm and partake in talks from our CEO, Adam Buitelaar, calf housing specialist, Jamie Robertson, nutrition specialist Alison Boydell and Livestock Business Development Manager Gabby Emery.

We can’t forget to mention the fantastic food we had on the day; wonderfully tasty Buitelaar steak rolls, copious amounts of tea and coffee and of course the local ice cream van, which was very well received by both staff and guests!

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What was covered in the talks?

Housing specialist, Jamie Robertson delivered an inspiring and passionate talk on research and development on animal health, ventilation and housing design. Following praise of the High Health Units, one of Jamie’s biggest take home points was that there is a need for a better variety of materials for sheds.

“Calf rearing and housing design is a lot trickier here in the UK than in central Europe and North America, because of the climate issues.”

Guest speaker and supply chain nutritionist Alison Boydell delivered a thought-provoking talk in the trials area, which was made up of the mobile High Health Units. Alison spoke about her passion for putting science into practice, touching on points including the research taken into nut intakes, ration design and more environmentally friendly feed alternatives.

Buitelaar’s Livestock Business Development Manager Gabby Emery held a fantastic discussion on the different aspects of the Development Farm. In particular, the talk focused largely on the strict management protocols that are in place throughout the 10-12 weeks calves are on farm, the quality and experience of the team that are onsite and their correct attention to detail.

Finally, Buitelaar Group CEO, Adam Buitelaar, talked honestly about the business development over the last decade and shared rather openly, the good and bad decisions made on farm over the years. Adam went on to further discuss that the experience has only reinforced the need for cattle farmers to invest in systems that produce the correct environment for the calf.

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Would you be interested in an open day tour? Contact us to find out more about our next open day.

Watch our time-lapse video tour of the farm below.