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Roundup of a Successful 3 Events on Farm

A Successful Open Day at Long Lane Development Farm

Recently, Buitelaar Group hosted three highly successful Open Day events at our Long Lane Development Farm. We welcomed a diverse group of attendees, including 197 UK farmers, 79 Irish farmers, and 56 veterinarians. Each event was packed with insightful talks, hands-on demonstrations, and vibrant networking opportunities.

Overview of the Event

The Open Days kicked off with a warm welcome from our team, followed by a series of engaging presentations and discussions. Our speakers, experts in their respective fields, shared their knowledge on the latest advancements in sustainable farming and livestock management. Attendees had the opportunity to explore our state-of-the-art facilities and witness firsthand the innovative practices we employ at Long Lane Development Farm.

Throughout the open days, guests took note of key protocols and processes that happen on farm, all designed to produce the optimal calf leaving the rearing farm. Additionally, guests enjoyed inspecting the specifically designed calf rearing buildings, the High Health Units at their own leisure, with opportunity to discuss the differences between those and conventional housing with our specialists onsite.

For those that were still on farm later in the afternoon, some guests enjoyed watching the calves being fed by our experienced rearing team and milk taxi, which feeds circa 300 calves / hour.

Highlights from Our Speakers & Talks

Mark Cokayne, Rachel Mallet & Connor Smith (Bimeda Animal Health): Discussed the revolutionary 'ImmunIGY' test, a groundbreaking lateral flow test that measures colostrum intake and quality up to 40 days of age, and its impact on the dairy farmer, the rearer, the supply chain, and the industry.

Dominic McKenzie & James Taylor (Buitelaar Group): Presented on rearing the perfect calf, emphasizing the importance of protocol and procedure, preventative measures, basic husbandry, and data-driven decisions.

Marc Jones (Independent Grass & Forage Consultant and Farmer): Covered the process of transitioning calves onto regenerative systems, focusing on grazing for optimal efficiency, growth, and health.

Jess Tomley (Morrisons): Provided a retailer’s perspective on the importance of the right genetics, datainformed decisions, and opportunities within the Morrisons Elite Beef Scheme. Rob Saris & Arjan Meijerink (Denkavit) & Mickie Blackett (Buitelaar Group): Highlighted the importance of milk powder formulation and specifically designed calf housing for optimal growth and health.

Adam Buitelaar & Joe Mannion (Buitelaar Group): Discussed the future of the beef market and the dual role of agriculture in feeding the world’s population and reversing climate change.

Long Lane Development Farm: A Platform for R&D

Long Lane Development Farm continues to be a pivotal platform for research and development. Our ongoing trials and projects are dedicated to advancing agricultural practices and improving livestock health.

Long Lane Development Farm is continuously engaged in trials aimed at improving livestock health and productivity. Working closely with industry partners and farmers, we are not only committed to demonstrating best practice but actively sharing our knowledge and results in order to drive our industry forwards.

Setting Up Calves for Life

Dedicated to excellence in calf rearing, we know that the right early-stage rearing protocols are crucial for ensuring a healthy and productive life for calves. During our Open Days, we demonstrated our comprehensive approach to calf rearing, showing our guests how we, as a business, implement the all-important building blocks for life, all of which link to a meticulous attention to detail, and a strong focus on preventative measures.

We are thrilled with the success of our Open Days and look forward to continuing our work in driving the industry forward through innovation and sustainable practices.

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