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A fortnight on from exhibiting at Groundswell 22, we’re reflecting on two solid days of learning, connecting, and sharing knowledge. Thank you to everyone who came to see us at the event.

As the farmer’s core asset, improving our soils is crucial to the farming future and key to achieving this, is the integration of livestock. As a tool to regenerate and heal land, our commitment lies in supporting farmers profitably and effectively integrate livestock for optimal regen systems.

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Our stand was a hub of activity throughout the two days, awash with Longhorn calves, some familiar faces and new; it was great to catch up over a couple of cold beers – it was certainly needed in the heat!


At this moment in time, we are 20-30 years past the point of solely ‘sustainable farming’ and have come to the realisation that aside from agriculture, there are very few ways to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Our mission at the Buitelaar Group, has always remained the same – to work hand in hand with family farmers and raw material suppliers alike, to continue delivering quality fresh food and ingredients whilst prioritising the environment.

As a forward-thinking business, we believe that regenerative farming methods are becoming key to ensuring our future beef supply contributes to a truly sustainable food system.

Adam Buitelaar CEO said:

“Whilst beef has taken the brunt of the carbon emissions blame for some time now, regenerative agriculture brings a unique opportunity to do the right thing by our planet, whilst working hand in hand with lower input costs and ultimately, producing a value-added product.”


The agricultural sector is facing seismic policy shifts and strong encouragement towards regenerative opportunities.

Increase your outputs whilst decreasing your inputs…

Farmers shifting their farm over to regen in conjunction with Buitelaar can benefit from:

  • Increased environmental payments
  • A leading market price and enhanced on-farm return
  • Increased soil health
  • Reduction in chemical applications
  • On farm support and advice to maximise the farm’s potential from our Regen Specialist, Marc Jones
  • The development of both an environmentally and financially sustainable enterprise to pass on to future generations


Our Regen Specialist Marc Jones said:

“My role is to work alongside farmers who are considering moving from conventional to regenerative farming. I initially go out on farm and assess what they’re currently doing with their livestock and then begin to pull a plan together for their grazing systems and look at any infrastructure that needs addressing. It’s ultimately a chance to look at getting the best out of that farm, because every farm is different.”

Hear from Marc below.

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