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Groundswell Agriculture: Pioneering the Path to Regenerative Farming Excellence

A week on from Groundswell Agriculture 2023, held at Lannock Manor Farm in Hertfordshire, and we can't help but reflect on the remarkable two days filled with learning, connections, and knowledge sharing.

The two-day event, which hosted over 100 sessions, delivered on its promises of providing a variety of engaging topics, including soil health, water systems, fibre farming, nutrition, supply chains, and landscape-scale regeneration, to name just a few.

The event itself provided the perfect opportunity to showcase our passion for improving soil health, which is crucial for the future of agriculture. One key aspect of achieving this is the integration of livestock. Livestock serves as a powerful tool for regenerating and healing the land, and our commitment lies in supporting farmers to seamlessly and profitably integrate livestock into their regenerative systems.

Our Longhorn calves also proved to be a real showstopper, attracting a constant stream of visitors throughout the two days. The real provenance, history and suitability of the Longhorn breed proved to be a hot topic.

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Why regenerative farming?

We surpassed the stage of solely aiming for "sustainable farming" years ago. The reality is that, apart from agriculture, there are few avenues available to actively remove carbon from the atmosphere. With this in mind, we have made it our mission to work hand in hand with family farmers and raw material suppliers to provide quality fresh food and ingredients while prioritizing the environment.

As a forward-thinking business, we firmly believe that regenerative farming methods are vital for ensuring the future of our beef supply and contributing to a truly sustainable food system.

Adam Buitelaar, CEO, said, "Regenerative agriculture brings a unique opportunity to do the right thing by our planet while also enjoying lower input costs and ultimately producing a value-added product." It's time to debunk the notion that beef is solely responsible for carbon emissions and recognize the transformative potential of regenerative agriculture.

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How can we assist farmers in their regenerative journey?

The agricultural sector is experiencing significant policy shifts and a strong push towards regenerative opportunities.

By partnering with Buitelaar, farmers can reap numerous benefits such as:

  • Increased environmental payments
  • Access to a leading market price and enhanced on-farm return
  • Improved soil health
  • Reduction in chemical applications
  • On-farm support and advice
  • A financially sustainable enterprise to pass on to future generations

Interested in joining us on this transformative journey?

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