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Delaware Veterinary Group visit Buitelaar’s state of the art Development Farm

At Buitelaar, we know innovation, collaboration and knowledge sharing are key to driving calf rearing forwards. This week, we hosted the team from Delaware Veterinary Group at our state-of-the-art development farm in Somerset.

With a capacity to hold over 1,200 calves at any given time, our development farm serves as a hub for ground-breaking research and controlled trials, paving the way for advancements in calf rearing practices.

During the visit, the Delaware Veterinary Group heard from Mickie Blackett, Supply Chain Business Growth Manager, on our own innovative calf housing, the High Health Units, Dominic Mckenzie, Farm Manager, who gave a roundup of our on-farm timelines and protocols and Candice Popham, BVetMed MRCVS Large Animal Veterinary Surgeon, who gave a talk on the latest calf housing for the available health and welfare grants.

The team then also had the opportunity to explore our extensive facilities and learn more about our controlled trials conducted to enhance calf well-being, growth rates, and overall health.

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One of the hallmarks of our development farm is our dedication to knowledge sharing. We actively invite guests from all areas of the livestock and meat industries to visit, learn and collaborate for a sustainable and profitable farming future.

The visit from the Delaware Veterinary Group provided a platform for a rich exchange of ideas, experiences, and expertise. We firmly believe that these collaborative events are integral to driving positive change within our industry.

We caught up with R & E Hiscock to find out more about the days events.

“An immensely valuable and informative day. Great to see the evolution of various building types and identify what's truly effective.” - R & E Hiscock

By consistently exchanging knowledge, fostering innovation and prioritizing the pursuit of impartial, evidence-based facts, Buitelaar's progressive outlook and openness continue to help drive the industry forwards.

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