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Dairy Calf Collection Centre Opens in Castle Douglas

Demand for dairy calves has grown from strength to strength at Buitelaar’s first Scottish Calf Collection Centre, in Castle Douglas.

Liz Hoggarth of Buitelaar explains “When we opened, we initially were receiving about 30 calves every fortnight, but the word about the centre has got out and we are currently taking in the region of 200-250 calves from more than 30 farms in the area. Our forward plan is to receive more than 300 calves a week.

The centre, which is one of four Buitelaar collection units, which also operates out of Wrexham, Frome, and Haddiport, is based at Wallet’s Mart, Castle Douglas, and is headed up by Liz Hoggarth and a team of six.

“Our calves are sourced from Buitelaar-approved dairy farms and assessed on their standards of early-stage calf-rearing, health recording and housing,” Liz added.

This attention to detail was recognised by Compassion in World Farming in 2020, when it awarded ‘The Good Calf Award’ to the Morrison’s/Buitelaar supply chain.

With thanks to the Scottish Farmer for the full article.