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Caravel Foods Searches Out Quality Across The Globe

Earlier this month Caravel Foods MD, Matt Fowler, Buitelaar Group CEO, Adam Buitelaar and Franz Buitelaar travelled across South America visiting suppliers, cementing relationships and searching out new quality, sustainable and traceable ingredients to add to the business’ portfolio.

Launched at the beginning of 2023, Buitelaar Group’s newest division, Caravel Foods sources sustainably grown ingredients, which are destined for both the food and pet industries. Having seen impressive growth since launch, Caravel Foods quickly outgrew the first team base and now operates from a London office with a strong team.

With the growth of the human population posing significant challenges to the supply of high-quality, nutrient-rich foods, sustainability is central to Caravel Food’s decision making, aligning with the Group’s family values. This focus has contributed to the development of Caravel’s circular ambitions and consequently led to the Hello Fresh partnership, focused on repurposing ingredients.

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Travelling across Chile, Peru and Argentina, Matt, Adam and Franz visited a number of suppliers, to both understand the challenges faced throughout modern supply chains and ensure true transparency, from farm to factory to table. From blueberries to salmon to herbs, spices and botanicals, the ingredients team were privy to tours from a variety of supply chains across different industries, building relationships and adding suppliers to the Group’s trusted, global supplier network.

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