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Buitelaar Makes Waves at Dairy Day

It’s been a whole week since Dairy Day and well… what a day it was for the team! Thank you to everyone who came along to see us at the event.

Behind the scenes, our team members Jordan, Sam and Robbie, were working hard to bring you the full experience of what we had to offer on stand, which creatively incorporated our mobile High Health Units – with additional new features, including the newly designed front gates.

HHU gate

Our stand was a hive of activity throughout the entire day! Not only was it great to get back out and about to exhibit, but it was made even better by catching up with many familiar faces and meeting plenty of new people, sharing knowledge and expertise over tea, coffee, a couple of beers and even some birthday cake!

What did we have to offer on the day?

The biggest spectacle on our stand were the mobile High Health Units, attracting a huge amount of attention and interest throughout the day. The mobile High Health Unit calf housing has been carefully engineered over the years to provide the optimal calf environment. Having seen significant development and numerous prototypes, the HHU’s have undergone over 10 years of extensive trials and testing at our Development Farm in Somerset. Results have seen calves achieve Daily Live Weight Gains of 1.3Kg and increases of 187g per day, with an exciting 27% less antibiotic interventions.

Supply Chain Business Growth Manager, Mickie Blackett said:

“What I love the most about these buildings is that they were created for our own calves originally. Given the fact that we can see what huge difference these buildings have made to our own units, we can now offer this to everybody else and for me, that’s super exciting.”

We are dedicated in continuing to make improvements to the industry through extensive R&D and thorough trials held at their own professional Development Farm in Somerset.

Click here for more information on our mobile High Health Units.

The Longhorn Scheme and the future

We would be surprised if you hadn’t heard about our newly developed Longhorn Scheme, that is proving to be a real hit with farmers over the last 12 months.

The Scheme offers farmers the assurance of a highly competitive fixed price, removing some the volatility of the marketplace, whilst offering the reassurance of an outlet for calves, should they go down with TB.

Whilst we are currently enjoying a recent high calf trade, the peaks, and troughs over the last 5-years reflect the potential market volatility. Our Longhorn Scheme offers price security where the future trade is unknown.

With over 5,000 calvings of Longhorns behind us, we are continuing to look to work with forward-thinking and progressive businesses to add value to stakeholders throughout the supply chain. The scheme is also proving to align exceedingly well with popular sustainable farming methods, such as regenerative grazing and farming.

Buitelaar Group CEO, Adam Buitelaar said:

“I’m really excited about this scheme, it’s proving to be a real success already and I’m proud that we were able to showcase it at Dairy Day this year. These animals are designed to grow really well on common grazing, they’re really hardy and are posting some impressive Daily Live Weight Gains. It’s essential that we move with the times now – people are consistently looking for high quality, but sustainably sourced beef with a story behind it.”

For more information on our Longhorn Scheme click here.

Tailored calf contracts suitable for a variety of different set-ups

Did you know that we offer a variety of different calf contracts that can be specifically tailored to suit your farming enterprises and set-ups? In what can be a financially volatile industry, we pride ourselves on our solutions-orientated approach, adding both security and transparency throughout the entire supply chain. Our contracts offer dairy farmers a secure outlet for their calves, with price premiums dependent upon the contract, breed and genetics. Additionally, our large and expanding AFU network enables a huge amount of support and guaranteed calf collection even when farms are forced under TB restriction.

Find out more about our tailored contracts here.

We’re already looking forward to getting back out there in 2022 – let the countdown begin!

For those who didn’t manage to attend Dairy Day this year, you can check out our whistle-stop tour here: