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Buitelaar Group Launches New Business, Caravel Foods

As we look to another year of strong growth in 2023, we’re excited to announce the addition of our Ingredients business, Caravel foods to our extensive portfolio.

Complementing the Group’s core work within both food and pet industries, the venture into the world of ingredients was considered a natural progression and saw the appointment of Director / Shareholder, Matt Fowler, who brings a wealth of ingredients experience to the Group.

Particularly well-positioned, having cultivated strong and transparent relationships across the global ingredients industry, our team are committed to sourcing sustainably grown fruit, vegetables, herbs, spices & botanicals, delivering traceable and flavoursome product to a wide variety of customers in both the food and pet markets.

Bringing our family values and innovative approach to yet another global industry, we look forward to establishing long-term relationships with current and new customers alike within this extension of our supply chain solutions.

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Buitelaar Directors, James Buitelaar, Matt Fowler, Adam Buitelaar, Mike Van Den Ende, Clare Buitelaar & Joe Mannion