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Buitelaar celebrates great success at Interzoo 2024

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Buitelaar recently returned from Interzoo 2024, the world's leading trade fair for the international pet supplies industry. The four-day event, which took place from 7th to 10th May, in Nuremberg, Germany, was a huge success for the company. The team showcased a variety of products and treats, providing a brilliant opportunity for the team to deliver our one stop solution to fellow industry experts.

As a one stop solution, Buitelaar offer a comprehensive selection of services and supply chain solutions tailored specifically for the pet food industry, catering to the diverse needs of pet food manufacturers, start-ups, and premium pet brands, adapting their services to suit individual requirements. Centre stage on the Buitelaar stand was an impressive freezer, filled with a selection of plate frozen produce. This included chicken, duck and turkey carcass, beef and reindeer trim, trachea, pizzle, spratz and much more. A huge selection of natural air-dried treats was also on display, including rabbit ears, chicken feet and antlers. To support their minimum waste outlook, Buitelaar donated all leftover produce on the stand at the end of the show to a local animal shelter called Tierheim, which provides a temporary home for animals in need and relies on generous donations.

Sustainability was the theme for this year’s Interzoo show, something Buitelaar are heavily invested in. Sustainable farming is at the core of the company, and they are actively supporting farmers in practicing regenerative agriculture, which aims to improve soil health and enable biodiversity. The company’s regenerative story was told on film on the stand, with CEO Adam Buitelaar taking customers through the journey that Buitelaar call, ‘Project Regen.’ This project outlines Buitelaar’s long-term commitment to creating positive environmental impact through regenerative agriculture. The work demonstrates the ability to farm hand-in-hand with nature, making a positive environmental impact, whilst simultaneously providing a sustainable future for the family farm and their inheritors.

Adam Buitelaar said: “I am incredibly proud of Buitelaar’s commitments to sustainability, and it was a privilege to tell our story at Interzoo. By working together with progressive and forward-thinking farmers, we are implementing regenerative techniques on-farm to create nutrient-dense foods, whilst working symbiotically with nature to improve soil health.

Across the four days at Interzoo, we found it truly inspiring to speak to so many like-minded and passionate individuals within the industry, all with the same goal – protecting the environment and providing the best possible nutrition for our pets.”

If you visited the Buitelaar stand and require more information or if you're seeking a specific protein or service not currently listed on the website, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.