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Adam Buitelaar Speaks at Dairy-Tech 2021

Aug 2020

Did you catch our CEO Adam Buitelaar, speaking at the Dairy-Tech virtual event on Wednesday 3rd February?

To kick start the 2021 virtual Dairy-Tech event, Adam spoke alongside Alice Swift, UK Director of Agriculture, Arla and David Black, Veterinary Consultant, VetSalus on the Animal Welfare 2021 and Beyond webinar. The webinar was an opportunity for farmers to hear from a veterinary network, supply chain, processor and retailer alike on their future projections for animal welfare and what it may mean to the dairy farmer.

With the current hot topic of the ARLA ‘Every Calf has a Value’ (ECHAV) Scheme, (which came into effect on 1st January 2021 for all ARLA farmers), Dairy-Tech saw a strong focus on education, innovation and knowledge transfer. The three presentations had refreshingly common themes running throughout, with the speakers inadvertently portraying just how aligned our industry is becoming and bringing attention to the importance of all stakeholders taking responsibility for dairy’s future.

Following a brief explanation about the Buitelaar Group, Adam Buitelaar talked extensively on both the current industry challenges and those we are likely to see in future. Passionate for simple, practical solutions, Adam highlighted the need for the industry to come together and ensure our voice is heard, before explaining how Buitelaar Group are assisting farmers to overcome significant challenges such as TB restrictions & the obstacles that dairy farmers may be facing.

As an end-to-end integrated supply chain, we are able to offer a variety of solutions to the dairy farmer, understanding that no two farmers see the same challenges. Our opportunities include our TB-restricted calf rearing housing solutions and our Small Stature Herd Cross Scheme which guarantees a secure, stable and sustainable outlet for surplus dairy cross calves produced from small stature herds (cross-bred cows).

small stature herd scheme

Renowned for our higher animal welfare standards, we’re committed to working with industry stakeholders to drive the agricultural industry forwards and develop solutions to ensure a profitable and sustainable future for the family farmer.

You can watch the Dairy Tech webinar here: