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A Successful Cereals Event

Cereals came around thick and fast this year, and we were all for it. To get back out at events showcasing what we do, and meeting different people was a fantastic feeling for all involved - we even had two lovely Belgium Blue heifers join us on stand, completely stealing the limelight.

Why does a livestock company attend an arable event, you might ask? With the changing tides in British agriculture, Buitelaar can offer arable farmers alternative systems that complement their current enterprises and potentially plug the likely BPS gap.

The first offering with us at Cereals, was our Buitelaar Integrated Beef Scheme, or ‘BIB’ for short.

The concept was designed to give arable farmers opportunity to diversify their farming enterprise and benefit from additional revenue streams; by rearing and / or finishing cattle on underwritten price contracts. Relatively unique to the cattle industry, the concept is similar to that of the pig and poultry industries.

Terry Coupe, Head of Integration said:

“With the subsidies dropping off and the concerns about black grass, an integrated beef system that runs alongside arable enterprises fits very well. The main thing is they’ve got the barley, the straw, they’re wanting the organic muck to go back onto the ground – it’s a fantastic by product of doing this. Everything intertwines really well.”

Secondly, the show was a great opportunity to discuss Buitelaar’s Regenerative Farming concept, especially following Groundswell Agriculture ( event the previous week.

With consumers expected to eat less meat in the future, we are beginning to see a real shift in demand. Customers are now increasingly looking for high quality, environmentally friendly beef, that offers both the reassurance of sustainability and an extraordinary taste. We believe that implementing regenerative farming methods will become key, to ensure the future of our beef supply in a sustainable food system.

Adam Buitelaar, CEO said:

“Whilst beef has taken the brunt of the carbon emissions blame for some time now, regenerative agriculture brings a unique opportunity to do the right thing by our planet, whilst working hand in hand with lower input costs and ultimately, producing a value added product.”

With such a successful start back to events, we’re wishing everybody luck going forward – here’s to new opportunities in the industry!

Find out more about our opportunities here
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Above: Just our hard working team preparing the Blues for their audience bright and early!