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A Day of Innovation and Insight: Exploring Sustainable Farming Practices

Nestled in the heart of County Kildare, Ireland, our regenerative Development Farm, Prumpelstown Estate recently hosted members from AHDB, NFU, and Dairy UK for an enriching visit.

Starting with lunch at our newly upgraded Irish offices, the day’s events unfolded into lengthy discussion, insights and a dive into the innovative practices happening on farm.

One of the key focal points of the day’s discussion was Project Regen, an initiative aimed at introducing regenerative practices on farms across Ireland and the UK. Adam Buitelaar, CEO, shared insights into the long-term commitment to creating positive impact on the environment through regenerative agriculture.

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The afternoon consisted of a visit to our regenerative Development Farm, Prumpelstown Estate, where the team unveiled plans for new buildings, including state-of-the-art dry aging units. A stroll through the garden showcased upcoming developments in the yards, creating anticipation for the farm's exciting future.

Venturing out on farm, the group heard Ed, Business Development Manager, talk through the benefits of our multi-species sward, which has nourished over 400 cattle throughout 2023. Its benefits include enhanced grazing efficiency, sustainable soil health, increased biodiversity, and resilient grazing for all seasons. As winter approaches, the sward ensures ample ground cover, both protecting the crucial soils and nurturing our cattle.

The tour finished up with a close look at the Prumpelstown Estate Longhorn herd, where discussions delved into the future of the native breed. All the best genetics have been carefully selected to breed animals that embody the hardy resilience of the Longhorn. These cattle are not only adaptable to any environment but also boast low maintenance and high efficiency, thriving on simplicity and minimising the need for intensive care and costly inputs.

At Buitelaar, knowledge transfer has always been forefront of our philosophy and thus, we welcome visits from stakeholders across the industry.