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Marbled by Buitelaar

Carefully graded by eye, our hand selected, richly flavoured Marbled beef is the meat connoisseur’s dream. In other words, there’s great meat and then there’s Marbled.

As the name suggests, our illustrious Marbled beef is distinguished by the marbling pattern of white flecks and streaks of wonderfully tasty fats. The result of this highly coveted intramuscular fat is a tender, flavoursome bite you can rely on time and time again.

Our Marbled cuts are hand selected from only the best grain fat animals, under the age of 30 months and between 280-380kg. In addition to the exceptionally tender and uniquely, juicy taste, the Marbled beef is particularly aesthetically pleasing on a butcher’s displays or customer’s plate.

Passionately reared through our award-winning integrated supply chain, from supplying farm to finish, our Marbled animals are fed on both grass and grain-based diets, with crops often grown on the family farm. It is both the animal’s carefully considered genetics and this diet that produces the highly sought after marbled effect in the meat. Under the watchful eye of our dedicated farmers and expertise of our Technical Team, each animal is reared to the higher-welfare standards that have seen us win The Compassion in World Farming Good Calf Award.

Marbled Beef by Buitelaar

Hand Selected

Extremely popular with the beef enthusiast and the professional chef, the diverse cooking possibilities of our Marbled beef has seen ribeye, chuck roll and strip loin cuts in particular reach high demand. Marbled is currently served internationally and domestically at Michelin starred restaurants, high end retailers and prestigious hotels.

All our meat is hand-selected as per customer specification in addition to offering dry aging to meet specific requirements. Products are produced at BRC audited Woodheads and are endorsed by the Quality Standard Mark of the Agriculture Horticulture Development Board. Our Marbled beef is available either bone in or boneless.

For more information on our award-winning Marbled beef, please contact us.

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For more information on our award-winning Marbled beef, please contact us.

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Our Awards

We are proud of the recognition we have received for our commitment to the highest possible welfare standards in our supply chain which aids our goal of delivering a top-quality finished product to our customers.