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Venturing into Scotland as Calf Demand Soars

We are excited to announce the opening of our first Scottish Collection Centre, based in Castle Douglas.

Our Castle Douglas centre is currently operating on a fortnightly basis, with a view to becoming weekly soon. The collection is headed up by Buitelaar representative Liz Hoggarth and Castle Douglas team, John, Judith, Ian, Richard, Sam and Kirsty.

Strategically positioned throughout the UK, our collection centres are situated for ease of access to the heavily populated dairy areas of Castle Douglas, Wrexham, Frome and Haddiport. Every Monday, we collect between 800-1,500 calves of a wide variety of breeds to both stock our own supply chain and sell to a range of independent rearers and beef producer operations nationwide.

Although collection days may be busy for our team, for the calves, it is a cosy, quiet environment before moving onto rearing units. Our higher welfare standards go above and beyond requirements; calves are well-bedded on deep straw in clean, spacious pens with ventilation and access to fresh drinking water.

The opening of the Castle Douglas Collection coincides with the expansion of the Morrisons’ Dairy Beef scheme into Scotland, following tremendous success in both England and Wales. Buitelaar Group delivered the first batch of reared calves to David Delday and his son back in November 2020, freshly selected by CEO, Adam Buitelaar.

Having gone from strength to strength since 2016, the Morrisons’ Dairy Beef Scheme popularity has seen increasing demand for Blues. The scheme has now placed over 20,000 dairy beef cattle across the UK and is renowned for producing consistent high-quality cattle in even batches, which allows for a higher efficiency within rearing, finishing and processing.

David Delday says:

“I’m happy with the calves, they are of good quality and are very healthy.”