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Meet Buitelaar’s VIP Longhorn calf!

Longhorn Calf

Consumers are increasingly becoming more planet-conscious and as a result, are expected to eat less meat in the future. As we start to see a shift in demand, customers are looking for high quality, sustainably sourced beef that offers exceptional taste and superior eating quality, coupled with a rich history to it.

Being a forward-thinking business, we have introduced our Longhorn Scheme, to create a point of difference, to both the end product and the supplying dairy farmer. Adam Buitelaar, CEO has always held a passion for the English Longhorn, but it is the undeniable suitability of the breed itself that has led us down this path.

Adam said:

“When we started, we didn’t know how the animals would calve; we presumed it would be easy because they’re a naturally easy calving breed and their designed to be up on the side of a hill and calve on their own. They have been extremely successful and we now have over 5’000 calvings behind us!”

Aligning extremely well with increasingly popular sustainable farming systems, such as regenerative grazing, the Longhorn breed is proving to be a win-win for all supply chain stakeholders. To celebrate what has been one of our boldest business moves, we’re throwing a competition on our socials.

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Monday 24th May saw our new Longhorn heifer calf come through our Wrexham Collection Centre. At 42 days old, she weighed in at 78kg and was putting on 1.024 daily live weight gains; our team at the centre graded her as an R-grade.

Sired by Pointer Evening All, the currently ‘nameless’ calf is typically the sturdy and resilient type that we’re looking for.

Enter our ‘Name Our Calf’ competition

As our heifer calf settles into her new home at one of Buitelaar’s biggest rearers, our next port-of-call is to find her a suitable name. We have launched a brand new ‘Name Our Calf’ competition over on our Facebook and Twitter pages. The winner of the competition will receive a Buitelaar branded jacket, a branded gilet and a fantastic selection of Buitelaar Longhorn sirloin steaks.

Join in with the fun and follow her journey over on our Facebook page.

Find out more about the Longhorn Scheme.

We have been working closely with the Longhorn Society to help reinstate the popularity of the breed.

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