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Another Successful Year For #Farm24

Let’s throw it back to #Farm24 last week, where our industry took centre stage to celebrate British farming. For 24 hours we took part in providing a valuable insight into how food is produced, the huge variety of roles within the agriculture industry and farming’s significant contribution to the economy, communities and wider society. Not only do they produce the high quality, tasty food that we all know and love, they are incredibly important custodians of the land and the great British countryside.

Our Managing Director, Joe Mannion said:

“With our industry perhaps unfairly coming under a lot of scrutiny recently, it is great to be able to help highlight a truly important initiative, by shining a light on this sometimes-forgotten industry and show everyone just how vital agriculture is to us and our planet.”

We always look forward to the Farmers Guardian #Farm24 campaign where we can showcase and champion the daily lives of our farmers and what we get up to in our industry. We thought we’d share a few of our favourites from the day with you here…

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We’re proud to be in our twelfth year of partnership with Morrison’s, who are the biggest supermarket customer for British farming. Since launching the Dairy Beef Scheme with Morrison’s in 2016, it has placed over 20,000 dairy beef cattle on the ground. In November last year, we were delighted to announce that the Scheme had further extended into Scotland, seeing more dairy beef calves come through our Collection Centre in Castle Douglas. You can read more about that here.

We’re already looking forward to getting involved again in 2022 - make sure you make your pledge and support British farming!

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