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The Longhorn Scheme

With the planet-conscious consumer expected to eat less meat in the future, we are seeing a shift in demand; customers are increasingly looking for high quality, sustainably sourced beef that offers both extraordinary taste and a rich history to it. As a highly responsive and forward-thinking business, we have introduced the Longhorn Scheme to create a point of difference to both the end product and the supplying dairy farmer.

With over 5000 calvings to Longhorn behind us and a strong forward plan, we are looking to work with forward-thinking and progressive businesses to add value to stakeholders throughout the supply chain.

“The Longhorn brand has given us a real point of difference in our online meat sales; it also gives farmers another easy calving choice to the Angus, which are becoming more and more the norm.”

Adam Buitelaar, CEO.

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Dairy Farmer Testimonial

I was first attracted to the scheme because I wanted something that would be easy calving and hassle free – and they really are easy calving! I was pleasantly surprised to find that they get up so quickly and start sucking, more so than other calves – I’ve not had to intervene once. They seem to be super resilient, very quiet and have a fantastic shape to them.

John Mason, Lancashire

why the longhorn?

Adam Buitelaar has always held a passion for the English Longhorn, (which is where our Longhorn story began), but it is the undeniable suitability of the breed itself that lead to our bold business move.

Unlike most breeds, the Longhorn has seen little genetic interference and with a long and fascinating history, it has maintained the desirable attributes that livestock pioneer, Robert Bakewell originally bred for, in the 17th century.

Working in conjunction with the Longhorn Society to highlight the extensive opportunities associated with the breed, we’re striving to bring the Longhorn to the forefront of premium beef.

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Predisposed to naturally easier calving than many native and continental breeds, short gestation periods and spritely, vibrant calves; Longhorn offer dairy farmers true peace of mind during busy calving times.

In fact, we often work with farmers who have decided to use Longhorn bulls on maiden heifers for these reasons alone, giving the best chance of starting milk production without issues.

Designed to grow well on common grazing, Longhorn are an exceptionally tough and hardy type, which is particularly apparent as fresh calves. Bright and quickly up and sucking, Longhorn calves are strong, healthy and posting impressive daily live weight gains right from birth.

Dairy farmers on our Longhorn Scheme receive a flat price for 55Kg calves with good health and growth rates.

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The kind, docile nature of the Longhorn produces a relaxed meat, with finished carcases offering the desirable ‘marbling’, which is held largely responsible for the extraordinary succulence, tenderness and the rich flavour of the meat.

The superior eating quality of the Longhorn beef is paired with a historic story of one of England’s oldest breeds, presenting chefs with a golden opportunity to present true provenance to the increasingly knowledge thirsty consumer.

Our Longhorn beef is sold into high end restaurants and exported throughout Europe.

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They are good strong, hardy calves and are so easy to rear; achieving fantastic daily live weight gains. They really do hold their own against the continental and Angus breeds and are really robust in health as well.

Joanne Pile



If you’d like to join an ambitious, progressive and aligned supply chain and benefit from calf premiums, we are actively looking for Longhorn sired calves from the dairy herd. Qualifying herds must have a cow live-weight average of over 600kg to ensure calves are in spec.

Dairy farmers receive a flat price for calves at 55Kg, with good health and growth, that are by registered Longhorn sires (A.I. or natural service).