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Calf Nutrition

We work hand-in-hand with our supplying dairy farms to ensure that our calves have the very best start in life. It can often be underestimated how important the first few hours following birth are in the animal lifecycle and as such, we strive to hold strong and supportive relationships with our Buitelaar approved and monitored dairy farms. Each supplying farm receives regular visits from our experienced and knowledgeable Tech Team with a focus on procedures such as the first milk feed.

As the most critical stage in our supply chain, correct and dedicated calf rearing ensures optimum health and growth whilst on milk and during weaning. Each of our rearing farms receives multiple on-farm visits per batch from the Tech Team. This includes the delivery of individually tailored feed plans and management protocols to promote higher health status and ensure safe and healthy growth rates.

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Cattle Nutrition

Formulating the rations required for each batch of cattle primarily revolves around understanding how feeds behave in the rumen. A secondary consideration is the need to produce beef to meet defined specifications and in doing so, maximising return on investment.

The Buitelaar Nutrition team comprises of multiple qualified livestock nutritionists, whom visit and continually monitor our finishing farms, guiding and advising on best practice. From basic feeding management to evaluating and delivering optimum ration data which is bespoke to each farm, each finisher receives a fully documented report they can use to assess and improve their profitability and sustainability.

For more information on the Nutrition Team, please contact us.

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Carcase quality is heavily related to feeding management and consequently an area we are continually working closely on with farmers right the way throughout the supply chain.

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Our Awards

We are proud of the recognition we have received for our commitment to the highest possible welfare standards in our supply chain which aids our goal of delivering a top-quality finished product to our customers.