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Calf Sheds & Housing

High Health Units

Buitelaar have brought to market its own innovative design of flexible and free-standing calf housing. Named High Health Units due to the carefully calculated structural specification and precisely selected build properties which were specifically chosen for increased health and welfare and the reduction of pathogen transmission. The concept was aided by the late Tim Walwin, using his 50 years of extensive calf rearing knowledge and experience.

Encompassing the best of all worlds, the High Health Units offer the perfect environment for calf health with:

  • Insulated, technical PanelTim panels and a non-drip, insulated steel roof for calf thermoregulation, reducing the effect of external temperature spikes.
  • Tried and tested structural engineering for optimum ventilation in order to create the ultimate air flow for the young animal.
  • A galvanised steel framework offering an accurately angled roof with an overhang to create a desirable stack effect for enhanced air movement and complete shelter from rain.
  • Flat, indent-free, easy to clean and disinfect panelling, chosen for its minimalistic design for disease prevention.

The 6m front x 4m depth size allows for calves to be reared in social groups of up to 10 calves per module until 12 weeks of age. Due to the simple connection of the pre-fabricated modules, you can order flexible numbers of units to create your ideal calf rearing facility; a minimum of two is required for stability.


The Ideal Environment

Our calf shed delivers improved welfare conditions, such as the well ventilated, cosy, comfortable and clean environment encourages optimum use of feed leading to above average growth rates. Lessened by disease pressures in the surrounding rearing environment, Buitelaar trials have shown that calves housed in the High Health Units are achieving an average daily live weight gain of 1.15kg/ day between the age of 20 and 120 days. This is 100g/ day higher than in conventional, general-purpose livestock housing based on the same farm. In addition, the size of each module allows for easy management of batches, vaccinations and routines.

High Health Unit Brochure


  • Ideal for farmers who have recently had their herd restricted
  • Modular construction; each unit simply connects to hold bespoke calf numbers
  • Free standing and easily moved: ideal for TB
  • Constructed of easily cleaned materials allowing effective cleaning to minimise the spread of disease
  • Optimum ventilation: free flowing air without draughts
  • Insulated roof provides warmth and no condensation for all seasons
  • Above average Daily Live Weight Gains with correct management
  • Minimised stress involved in routine procedures due to ease of front access
  • Can easily be located on concrete or hardcore bases
  • Ability to create segregated air space if required allows for the rearing of multiple batches at a time

The calf shed is designed with TB restrictions in mind, the housing is ideal for alleviating space restrictions during TB breakdowns on dairy farms, owing to the simple connection of prefabricated modules and quick erection element.

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Our Awards

We are proud of the recognition we have received for our commitment to the highest possible welfare standards in our supply chain which aids our goal of delivering a top-quality finished product to our customers.