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Rearing Calves

Rearing Calves

We buy dairy and beef cross calves from Buitelaar approved and monitored dairy farms on a weekly basis to both stock our own supply chain rearing units and sell externally. With four Calf Collection Centres strategically located around the UK, covering the most densely populated dairy farming areas, we are always searching for quality, healthy calves from farms aligned with our higher welfare values.

When selling calves to Buitelaar, we can arrange the collection of your calves or you are welcome to deliver to Collection Centres yourselves and watch your calves weighed and graded impartially. We believe in building strong relationships across our supply chain and offer on farm Tech Team visits to support our supplier farmers, inspect calves and ensure calves have the best possible start in life.

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Our Pricing

Operating a transparent pricing structure, we strive to offer dairy farmers a trusted, consistent and convenient sales channel with the additional benefits of on farm support to continuously improve farm efficiencies and early stage calf management.

On arrival, each calf is weighed and benchmarked against the average expected birth weights to give a weight-for-age figure. Calves are graded against the EUROP grid and see price movements from the base value that is applicable to the calf breed and sex, which are dependent on its weight and grade. We pay extra for every kilo over our minimum weight of 50Kg.

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Calf Collection Centres

All of our Collection Centres are Farm Assured, operating the highest welfare standards. Calves are bedded on deep straw in clean, spacious pens with ventilation and access to fresh drinking water. All of our Centres run under 24-hour surveillance which offers complete transparency to industry retailers and partners.

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We buy a wide variety of calf breeds, including:

  • Black and White bull calves
  • British Blues
  • Limousin / Simmental / Charolais
  • Aberdeen Angus (named sires)
  • Hereford (named sires)
  • Longhorn (contracts available)
  • Shorthorn
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Longhorn Calf Scheme

Aware of a recent shift in consumer demand; our customers are looking for high quality, sustainably sourced beef that offers extraordinary taste. As a highly responsive and forward-thinking business, we have introduced the Longhorn Scheme to create a point of difference to both the end product and the supplying dairy farmer.

As a native breed, Longhorns are predisposed to easier calving than continental breeds, giving the dairy farmer peace of mind. Whilst some farmers choose to use Longhorn bulls on maiden heifers for this reason alone, easier calvings also give heifers the best chance of starting milk production without issues, leading to increased milk production levels and less antibiotic use.

We are actively looking for Longhorn sired calves from the dairy herd; qualifying herds must have a cow live-weight average of over 600kg to ensure calves are in spec. We offer a premium for calves by registered Longhorn sires (A.I. or natural service).

If you are interested in supplying Buitelaar with Longhorn calves, please get in touch.

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“As a valued supplier to Buitelaar, we would like to reassure you that all calves supplied to our collection centres are treated with the utmost respect and we guarantee that no healthy calf in our care is exported, sent to slaughter or euthanised. All calves either enter our own supply chain or are placed on pre-approved family farms that we know and trust.

Calf welfare has always been at the heart of our business and we continue to be as committed as ever to our higher welfare values, offering full traceability and transparency throughout our chain.”

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Our Awards

We are proud of the recognition we have received for our commitment to the highest possible welfare standards in our supply chain which aids our goal of delivering a top-quality finished product to our customers.